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Plants are the stars of any garden.

Whether for a small courtyard or within larger grounds, plants form an amazing living backdrop both as featured specimens or equally important bedding planting.

Advice on plant choice and positioning is willingly offered, and to ease their existence, irrigation can be installed to help quench thirsts in drier periods.


use of materials

The staple elements of landscaping, alongside planting, are essentially timber and stone and it is in the myriad combination of these that wonderful garden architecture can be constructed.

O.A.K.urban landscaping can help select these materials from the vast array available, providing samples as necessary, in order to design a garden to suit any desire and budget.

All materials are ethically sourced and sustainable wherever possible


Adding lighting can dramatically transform a garden once evenings descend. Whether to sculpturally uplight a tree or to wash a wall creating ambient light in which to sit, time spent in the garden is no longer limited to daylight hours only.

The effects can be further enhanced by a remote switching 'wisebox' that can split the garden into separate lighting zones so that the atmosphere can be varied to suit particular moods.

All installations are by NICEIC approved electricians.

designing a garden

Working closely with clients, a design brief can be derived, incorporating both practical and visual requirements.

Options are developed and presented in the form of sketches and plans, from which, along with material samples, a final choice can be made. Advice on plant selection is available, or a full planting plan can be drawn up if desired.

Evening illumination always adds a further dynamic by way of weatherproof lights. We advise on enhancing your garden with lighting and installations can be arranged.

Equally, we are more than happy to work with other designers, with the same care and application.

about the company

O.A.K.urban landscaping was established in 2005 by Andrew Grant and can offer a full range of services for all aspects of exterior landscaping.

From a background of architecture and film design, structure and the importance of spatial dynamics are strong features of our designs, as is the attention paid to the bringing together of materials and the care taken in their detailing.

This helps create a framework against which plants can flourish and be appreciated to their fullest potential.